Home Repairs

There is funding available for homeowners who need to make emergency or accessibility repairs to their home. The funding is in the form of a grant for up to $7,500, which the homeowner does not need to pay back. The availability of funding is first come, first served.

Eligibility requirements for these programs are based on property location and household income.

To be eligible for funding, you must be below 80% AMI and your home must be located in Montgomery County, but outside of the Cities of Dayton and Kettering.

80% Area Median Income for 2015:

1 Person Household

2 Person Household

3 Person Household

4 Person Household

5 Person Household

6 Person Household

7 Person Household

8 Person Household









We have different eligibility requirements based on applying for emergency or accessibility grant money.

Emergency Grants: Designed for a single repair (or related items) that poses an immediate threat to the health and safety of the household or structure.

Eligibility Requirements:

Home must be in otherwise habitable condition

Homeowners must have lived in home at least one year

Must have homeowners insurance in place

Mortgage and property taxes must be current

Must meet income guideline based on # of household members

Availability of grants is first come first serve

Accessibility Grants: Designed to provide housing modifications that eliminate barriers for an occupant who demonstrates mobility impairments.

Eligibility Requirements:

Homeowner must have lived in home at least one year

Can be provided for rental or homeowners

If renter, we will need to be able to get landlord�s approval to make modifications

Owner must have property insurance in place

Owner�s mortgage and property taxes must be current

Proof of ownership must be provided from landlord if rental

Availability of grants is first come first serve

Please note that qualifying for these grants is a two stage process. The applicant must first provide all the necessary documentation and meet the income guidelines. The second step is an inspection of the home to insure the requested assistance and the property conform to the program guidelines. Every effort will be made to pre-qualify the applicant and the requested assistance to insure they meet program guidelines.

For more information on the repair grants, please click on Accessibility Assistance or Emergency Assistance or contact Courtney at cschneider@countycorp.com or 937-531-7046.

Download our Home Repair Application for home repair assistance.