Foreclosure Mediation

Offering foreclosure prevention options for homeowners in Montgomery County!

If you’re in foreclosure, mediation can assist you by working with all the parties involved so you can stay in your home while you work to qualify for home retention or exit programs.

What is mediation? Mediation is an agreed upon process to work towards a mutual resolution of the foreclosure complaint. It is one or more good faith meetings between the homeowner with their resources and the mortgage servicer and their attorney. The process is managed by an impartial and neutral court approved professional called a mediator.

The Housing Source assists with the Foreclosure Mediation program for Montgomery County. We will connect you with a counseling agency or we will provide direct counselor assistance to explain the process and assess your eligibility for mortgage relief and transition programs.

Steps of the process:

  • Determine your eligibility for alternatives to foreclosure, including the “Making Home Affordable” and “Save the Dream Ohio” programs
  • Help you prepare the application and necessary paperwork
  • Refer you to free legal representation if you qualify
  • Assist with the actual mediation process

Mediation isn’t for everyone. We will assess your financial and mortgage situation and help you determine the best approach to meet your needs.


  • Must be in foreclosure and without a Sheriff Sale Notice
  • Must reside in the property you are asking assistance for
  • The property must be in Montgomery County, Ohio

The process begins with a “Request for Mediation” filed by the homeowner. This request can be filed with your response (Answer) to the foreclosure complaint at the Montgomery County Clerk of Courts. The Court will generally order a Scheduling Conference at which time the judge will decide how the foreclosure case and the mediation request will be handled.

The Request for Mediation can also be filed after the scheduling conference, but before the Court has allowed the “judgment” as requested by the attorney that filed the lawsuit.

Like any legal process, there are procedures and time limits. In order to protect and promote your interest, the foreclosure complaint allows 28 days after receipt of the complaint for an answer to be filed.

You can find the Request for Mediation form on our “Mortgage Relief & Foreclosure Intervention” page, but it is also available online at:

The completed form can be turned in to your counselor, or it may be filed in person at:

Montgomery County Clerk of Courts
41 N. Perry St., Rm. 104
Dayton, OH 45422

Questions about your property tax bill?

If you are past due on your real estate taxes, call Montgomery County Treasurer Carolyn Rice. You can talk to a tax specialist to qualify for monthly payment plans that avoid further penalties and interest. If all your taxes are current, but you want to pay your property taxes monthly (similar to escrow), you can talk to someone in taxpayer services about monthly prepayment. The bottom line is that the Treasurer’s Office will work with you to figure out your best options for paying your property tax bill if you contact us. Call:

Carolyn Rice
Montgomery County Treasurer

If you would like to received an intake application or schedule an appointment, contact Denise Henton at or 937-531-6926.

Download the Mediation Disclosure and Mediation Request to get started.